Sembaruthi 8 April 2019 Written Update: Aishwarya And Parvathy To Succeed In Their Plan?

Mithra tells Aishwarya that she is a better cook than Aishwarya any day.

Janani Ashokkumar

In the last episode of Sembaruthi, we saw how Arun instigates Aishwarya against Mithra and plans her revenge with help from Parvathy. On the other hand, Adithya has taken a vow of not sleeping on the bed until he accepts Parvathy as his wife in front of society.  Parvathy is shown disturbed because of this and she weaves together her sarees and makes a small bed out of it for Adithya to sleep on.

Watch the latest episode of Sembaruthi below:

In today’s episode, Aishwarya and Parvathy silently agree upon their plan to humiliate Mithra in front of Akhilandeshwari. Aishwarya walks into the hall and asks Parvathy to bring in coffee for everyone. After she serves coffee to everyone, Aishwarya intentionally asks Parvathy to not cook for the day. Everyone is shocked to hear this from Aishwarya, so Arun asks her the reason. Aishwarya replies to him and says that today instead of Parvathy, she and Mithra will cook the meal. When Vanaja tries to defend Mithra and asks Aishwarya to leave the cooking to maids like Parvathy, she says that it feels good if the daughters-in-law of the house were to cook and serve for the family members.

When Akhilandershwari backs up Aishwarya’s point, everyone agrees to it. Further, Aishwarya tries to taunt Mithra about her culinary skills. To this, Mithra replies very rudely that any day she is a better cook than Aishwarya and she challenges her for a cooking competition. Aishwarya also agrees to this as everything was going according to her plan.

Akhilandeshwari finally agrees to this competition if both Mithra and Aishwarya were to take this as a healthy competition. Later, Parvathy indicates Aishwarya to keep the Bluetooth headset on. Meanwhile, Vanaja tries to further intensify the issue and she gives instructions to Mithra. Meanwhile, Parvathy gives Aishwarya instructions through the phone. Incidentally, Uma sees this and she goes to inform Vanaja about this. Vanaja and Mithra are shocked to know about this.

Aishwarya and Mithra

They plan with Uma to disrupt the call between Aishwarya and Parvathy. When Uma tries to disturb Parvathy, she very cleverly deceives Uma and speaks to her about making a dish thus indirectly explaining to Aishwarya what she has to do. Later, when Mithra goes to cook, Vanaja tries to help her out but things don’t work out as planned but somehow Mithra cooks manages to cook.

Finally, the family gathers around the table to taste the food, and they start with non-veg dishes. But when they have the first bite, all their expressions change.

So what do you think will happen? Who will win this competition?

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