Sembaruthi 9 July 2019 Written Update: Nandhini Hatches A Plan To Kill Purushothaman?

Adithya, Sundaram and Akhilandeshwari rush to the hospital to get Purushothaman treated


Purushothaman, who doesn’t want Mithra to become a part of the Adhikadavur family, decides to reveal the truth to Akhilandeshwari. When the preparations for Mithra’s name changing ceremony goes on in full swing, Purushothaman tells Akhilandeshwari that he wishes to discuss an important matter with her. Vanaja, who realises that she could get caught, tries to divert Akhiladeshwari’s attention by talking about petty stuff.

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Purushothaman insists Akhilandeshwari must listen to him but before he unveils Mithra’s real face, he suffers a stroke and falls unconscious. Vanaja is happy that Purushothaman couldn’t reveal the reality about the Sphatiga Mala but Mithra is upset because her name changing ceremony has got disrupted.

Adithya, Sundaram and Akhilandeshwari rush to the hospital to get Purushothaman treated. After getting admitted to the hospital and getting the required treatment, Purushothaman is out of danger. The doctors comfort the family by saying Purushothaman is fine but he specifically asks Akhilandeshwari to find out what her husband is suppressing. The doctor says that Purushothaman hasn’t suffered physically but has endured mental agony.

When Akhilandeshwari gets back home, Vanaja asks her if they can continue with Mithra’s name changing ritual but the former outrightly rejects her request. She tells Vanaja that she would not proceed with the ceremony until she gets to know what Purushothaman wanted to convey.

Vanaja knows that sooner or later, Purushothaman will reveal the truth so she meets Nandhini along with Mithra to discuss the plan of action. Nandhini, who wants Mithra to become an Adhikadavur at all cost, hatches a plan to stop Purushothaman from getting back home. Will she get him killed by her goons?

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