Sembaruthi June 19 Written Update: Parvathy Saves Akhilandeshwari, Confronts Mithra

Vanaja, who had overheard Adi talking to Shyam and Parvathy about about anticipatory bail, earlier in the day, had stolen the paper from his room.

Parvathy is worried

Akhilandeshwari lands in trouble after Nandhini hatches a plot to accuse her of selling adulterated baby food. Nandhini thinks that her plan is infallible but she doesn’t realise that Adithya is smarter than her. Adithya comes to know through one of his trusted sources in the Police about the allegations leveled against Akhilandeshwari. So he applies for anticipatory bail to prevent his mother’s arrest. In today’s episode of Sembaruthi, we will see whether or not Akhilandeshwari is taken into police custody.

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A police officer ( Nandhini’s aide) visits Akhilandeshwari’s residence with his team to arrest her. Vanaja, Mithra and Uma are delighted as they await Akhilandeshwari’s arrest. Adithya tells the police that they can’t arrest his mother because he has the court order and his mother can’t be taken into custody. He visits his room to get the anticipatory bail paper but doesn’t find it where he had kept it. He returns wondering how it vanished.

After not being able to furnish the document, Adi stands helpless. The Police asks Akhilandeshwari to cooperate with them. A female police officer takes out the handcuffs to arrest her but Parvathy asks her not to do so. She gets off the stairs with the anticipatory bail paper in her hand. Vanaja, who had overheard Adi talking about it to Shyam and Parvathy earlier in the day, had stolen the paper from his room.  Parvathy had seen Vanaja hiding the bail paper in his room. Thus, she knew that Vanaja had a role to play in the entire controversy. Vanaja’s dreams get ruined by Parvathy, who gets hold of the paper in the nick of time. Later, Parvathy confronts Mithra for trying to malign Akhilandeshwari’s image and reputation. She dares Mithra to harm her mother (Akhilandeshwari) and vows to teach her a lesson by giving her a fitting reply. Mithra fumes after getting threatened by Parvathy. What do you think Nandhini will do now?

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