Sembaruthi June 27 Written Update: Adi Surprises Parvathy, Cancels His Business Meeting

Mithra fumes with rage and thinks of vengeance after recalling her sister Nandhini's condition.

Adithya carrying Parvathy

Today’s episode of Sembaruthi will make your heart skip a beat. Adithya and Parvathy have finally found some ‘us’ time for the first time since they got married. No one in the Adhikadavur residence knows about Adi and Parvathy’s marriage expect for Purushothaman and Arun. And the other two people who know the truth are Ganesh (Parvathy’s younger brother) and Shyam (Adi’s childhood friend).

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Here’s how today’s episode unfolded. Mithra fumes with rage and thinks of vengeance after recalling her sister Nandhini’s condition. Vanaja asks her to pretend as if she is happy as she does not want Akhilandeshwari to know that Mithra is worried. Vanaja wants Mithra to behave like an obedient daughter-in-law so that Akhilandeshwari appreciates her.

During the day, Akhilandeshwari tells everyone about the jewelry store inauguration invite she has received from Mr Reddy in Hyderabad. She asks everyone including Vanaja, Mithra and Uma to join her. Vanaja and Mithra are excited and so is Uma who is all set to fly for the first time. Adi, who apparently has a meeting in Mumbai informs his mother about his plans ans asks everyone to visit Hyderabad.

The staff members are given a day off, so Parvathy’s father wishes to take her and Ganesh to their village. Parvathy politely refuses to go because she has to visit the temple.

Next morning, Adi leaves for the airport but subsequently cancels his flight ticket. He returns to spend time with Parvathy. The married couple, finally gets some privacy. Will Adi and Parvathy be able to spend time together without disturbance? What do you think?

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