Sembaruthi’s Aishwarya Will Make You Revisit Your Love For Coffee

Sharing an incident from her childhood to substantiate Janani Ashokkumar's love for the drink just takes this whole coffee affair to another level.

Janani Ashokkumar

Each one of us has a weakness that is close to our heart. And this usually has a story attached to it. Some incident in the past that has affected you to an extent such that you feel happy when you indulge in your weakness. One such was shared by actress Janani Ashokkumar on her Instagram page. Janani Ashokkumar is known for the character of Aishwarya in Sembaruthi.

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It was in a recent post, on this actress’ social media page that this actress confessed about her undying love for coffee. South Indians are know for their love for coffee but sharing an incident from her childhood to substantiate her love for the drink just takes this whole coffee affair to another level.

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If there’s something that I still remember and cherish about my childhood days that will be the early mornings of my summer holidays, where I used to wake up to the aroma of the very fresh filter coffee which my grandma makes, and my mom doesn’t allow me to have coffee at all during these days, but that’s something I love to have after having a glass of milk my grandpa secretly pours some coffee to my glass and yeah during those days that’s my greatest achievements…. So my love for coffee started there…! It still continues and I have tasted almost several brands and varieties of coffees all these years… And yeah now my recent favourite is @levistacoffee I like my coffee strong always and with @levistacoffee I found my perfect cup of coffee..! So without any further delay grab yourself a special coffee from @levistacoffee I bet you will love it and this will be your favourite from now on..! #coffeeaddict #levistacoffee

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Janani shared how it was her grandfather who introduced her to coffee. She also makes it a point to relate how even today having an aromatic cup of coffee makes her lament about that happy moment of her childhood.

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#coffeeaddicts 🤗☕️

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So, for all coffee lovers out there must have had some or the other instance when they first experienced their true love for the beverage. Perhaps it would have been a day when you were feeling low and lost when you must have encountered the pleasure in the company of coffee or probably it would have been someone similar like Janani Ashokkumar’s grandfather who might have given you the first coffee experience.

So, all that coffee lovers out there, come out! Be proud of your weakness and share your coffee encounters in the section given below.

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