Sembaruthi’s Vanaja Expresses Her Emotions For Her Son, And It Is Pure Gold

Laxmi’s love and closeness with her son should ideally set an example for you to enhance your relationship with your kids.

Laxmi as Vanaja

“Men are what their mothers made them.” We as humans are social and emotional beings. Something that makes us different from other life forms is our capacity to think and grow in a relationship. And every relationship that we create has a certain sense of charm to it. As we change with every relationship that we develop. So, when actress Laxmi, who plays the part of Vanaja in the Tamil series Sembaruthi that airs on ZEE5, decided to share a post about her love for her son, it must have surely given her followers a chance to ponder on the uniqueness of a mother and a child’s relationship.

Watch Sembaruthi to witness the pure evil intentions of Vanaja.

A mother’s love for her children is always impartial and it is also something that influences the personalities of the kids. And as the quote by Emerson suggests, mothers play an important role in shaping their future. Thus, a mother who opts to be open in her communication with her children usually rises to the role of a best friend. This results in a future where the children share such a strong bond with their mother that they feel comfortable to speak and share anything with her.

Children sharing a close bond with their mother helps them develop and articulate their thoughts in a proper fashion. Hence, it is essential that a mother and a child bond in a correct manner and find that common space in their relationship to share their love and affection.

Hope the love that Laxmi shares with her son gives you that slight nudge and you take a note or two about the aspects that you can apply in your life. Take out some time and try bonding with your children.  Also, do not forget to leave a comment about what you think in the section below.

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