Shabana Of Sembaruthi Starts A Blog For Positive Motivation To Help During Lockdown

Shabana Shajahan to start a blog to motivate and influence her Insta family so that we together get through this.

Shabana Shajahan

As the news is all doom and gloom ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus, it has become a challenge to be optimistic when you can clearly see the state around the world. It’s tough for even the most optimistic people among us to stay positive after learning about the number of deaths increasing rapidly across the globe. The truth is that the virus is not just taking lives but also crippling the economy. It’s easy to drown in the anxiety of these calamities: they seem to be the only topics covered on local and national news. So, Sembaruthi actress Shabana Shajahan is doing her bit to help people in this situation by focusing on the positive and spreading the same energy among the people around her.

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Recently Shabana had taken to the photo-sharing app to share a couple of posts, indicating that she will be soon starting a blog that will carry motivation and inspirational quotes which could help you calm during this hard time. The actress also shared a few quotes on her social media handle as her Instagram stories.

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Shabana Shajahan

While you’ve only been hearing unpleasant details from dawn until bedtime, Shabana’s posts will help you focus on the positive so that you have the energy and resolve needed to weather this storm. Well, we definitely can’t wait for Shabana to publish her blog and share the link with us.

Shabana Shajahan
Source: Instagram

In such tough times, where we are only hearing about deaths and are being locked as that’s the only way to survive this crisis, Shabana requests us to indulge in activities that are stress-reducing and laughter-inducing. So, let’s march forward with determination and hope; And together, we’ll get through this. Stay tuned!

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