Siddharth Turns 40, Check Out 5 Movies You Can Watch Today

Siddharth has created a name for himself with his versatile style of imbibing different characters and portraying them onscreen.

1. Boys

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Siddharth also known as Siddharth Suryanarayan was born on April 17, 1979. The actor has created a name for himself with his versatile style of imbibing different characters and portraying them onscreen. This chocolate boy of the Tamil cinema started his acting career with Shankar’s coming-of-age Tamil film Boys (2003). Today, he is known for his talent and distinct working style.

Watch how Srikrishna’s life changes after he meets Satya in a carnival.

So, on his birthday here is a list of five movies that you should watch.

The movie Boys narrates the story of five college boys who are just interested in whiling away their time by roaming around girls and drinking at parties. Their life, however, takes a different turn, when one of them gets married against his parents’ wishes and then they are forced to earn a living for themselves.

2. Baava

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Baava, speaks about the intricate details that we miss out in a family while also highlighting the struggle of Veera Babu, to unite the two conflicting ends of his family. The relationship of the father and son as depicted in the movie is worth watching.

3. Enakkul Oruvan

Enakkul Oruvan movie post
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Enakkul Oruvan is a movie that encompasses the journey of the character Vicky, who wishes to live in his dream rather than facing the realities of his life. The drastic difference between Siddharth’s dual role and the thin line that exists between the realm of reality and dream, in the movie is worth watching.

4. Oh My Friend

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Oh My Friend is a film that speaks about the problems that childhood friends Chandu and Siri have to face after they both fall in love with Ritu and Udhay, respectively. As their friendship attracts jealousy from their lovers and creates issues in the relationship.

5. Bommarillu

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Bommarillu deals with the life of Siddhu which is controlled by his overprotective father. However, things change for him drastically after he meets and fall in love with Hasini. As he gets to explore the trivial joys of life with Hasini.

So, do binge watch these movies on Siddharth’s birthday and do not forget to leave your comments in the section below.

In the meantime, you can also watch more women-centric Tamil movies streaming on ZEE5.