Take A Moment To Appreciate The Transformation Of Siddharth For Enakkul Oruvan

The movie is divided into distinct parts and Siddharth is seen playing two different roles, both of them named as Vicky.

We all transform, I mean you would ask, what is the big deal about transformation? Take a look at your school pictures and look at you now. Many actors undergo a drastic transformation for their roles to the point that they look unrecognisable. This transformation is evident in the character Siddharth has essayed in Enakkul Oruvan streaming on ZEE5.

Watch the dual life of Vicky in the movie Enakkul Oruvan.

The movie is divided into distinct parts and Siddharth is seen playing two different roles both of them named as Vicky which is an alias for Vigneshwaran. While the one that he portrays is of a famous actor who lives a glamourous life and a heartthrob amongst his female fans. In the other character, he is seen as a simple guy, who works as a torchbearer in a local theatre. Now, do not take the term torchbearer in its figurative sense, for in the non-glamourous role Siddharth guides the theatre audience to their seat with a torch.


The deglamorised role of Vicky is a fresh change when it comes to Siddharth as he is famous for his urban roles. Most of his movies have him as either a young college student or a young working professional. But essentially everything good looking. So, when the film introduces you to this common-looking skinny guy, you are reminded of another such character, Gunaa, that was immortalised by Kamal Hassan.

Vicky at the theater

It will not be an overstatement if one were to claim that Siddharth has experimented with his looks, as he really did take a risk in deviating from his normal self. But then what could you expect from an experimental movie.

So, go ahead, take some time out from your busy schedule get yourself a bucket of popcorn, and get ready to brush your shoulders with the torchbearer of the talkies. Also, make sure you come back and let us know how you find the actor’s act.

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