Try Priyanka Chopra’s Beauty Tricks For Valentine’s Day. Watch This Makeup-Tutorial Video

Want to look like Priyanka Chopra on your date this Valentine’s Day? Well, we’ve got you covered! Follow these steps for the same.

Priyanka Chopra makeup hacks

Desi girl Priyanka Chopra is everyone’s favourite. The global icon has managed to earn quite a lot of fame and acclaim for not just her stance as a celebrity or an actor but also a fashion icon. She is one of the most sought after celebrities and one that many look up to. Many want to be like her and a few more try their best to ape her. With Valentine’s Day coming up, everybody wants to look or rather bring out the spunk that Priyanka Chopra’s face reflects.

Since February 14 also marks ZEE5’s second anniversary, we are celebrating two years of success by ensuring that your V-Day is showered with 2xthelove! In fact, we have make-up and beauty expert Aditi Mehta, who has managed to crack one of Priyanka Chopra’s makeup hacks. In a video attached below, you’ll see how you too can ape Priyanka and get the look without much hassle. However, there are some things that you’ll have to keep in check to ensure that you get it right. So while you watch the video, do keep note of these points to get the right effect.

Here are some things to remember when you’re applying a PeeCee-style makeup.

Get the smokey eyes right

It is a well known fact that Priyanka often opts for smokey eyes. Evidently, smokey eyes is her go-to makeup hack. It always looks good too so perhaps you can give it a try!

Glitter and shimmer

In the video, Aditi Mehta has promptly pointed out that Priyanka likes to keep her makeup game lit with glitter and shimmer. There’s always a certain glow to her face and eyes as she opts for such makeup. So, for your d-day, once you add the necessary things to glam up your face, do not forget to add some shimmer and shine to your face.

Don’t forget to contour properly

Contouring helps accentuate the cheekbones and make sure that the look is sharp. In fact, Priyanka always ensures that her features stand out on her face. Aditi avows that the more the face is highlighted with the features in place, the better it looks. Hence, add perfect contours to your cheekbones and even nose.

Make the lips look natural

One of Priyanka’s remarkable features is her full lips. Sometimes makeup accentuates the beauty’s lips and other times, they naturally perk up. For this makeup tutorial though, Aditi suggests going the simple way as the smoky eyes are already leaving quite an impression.

Complete the look with either earrings or a neckpiece

Another interesting point noticed by Aditi about Priyanka is how she likes to either accessorise her ears or her neck by pairing the right jewellery. Much like PeeCee, you too can either opt for a nice pair of earrings or an exceptional set of necklace.

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