Will Sathya Stop Dreaming About Getting Married To Amul Baby Aka Prabhu?

Sathya loves Prabhu wholeheartedly and tries to convey her feelings to him. But fails every time.


Fans of Sathya are eagerly waiting to see her and Prabhu together. Will Sathya’s dream of getting married to Prabhu turn true? Sathya and Prabhu may be poles apart, but none can deny that Rowdy Baby and Amul Baby set the screen on fire whenever they share the frame. However, the fact is this – Prabhu is all set to get engaged to Divya, Sathya’s elder sister.

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Sathya’s friends want her to get married to Prabhu, but they know what sort of person Divya is. They had seen Divya with her boyfriend Bala at a restaurant and had even recorded a video of hers to stop Prabhu from getting married to her. But unfortunately, they get caught by the restaurant manager while procuring evidence against Divya.

Sadly, Sathya has no clue that the person her sister is getting engaged to is Prabhu. She is also oblivious of the fact that Prabhu has someone special in his life. Poor Sathya loves Prabhu wholeheartedly and tries to convey her feelings to him. But she fails every time.

Moreover, Prabhu, who feels the need to have Sathya by his side throughout his life, doesn’t think she will be a good wife because she is tomboyish, independent and has a mind of her own. When Shashi tries to find out what Prabhu feels, he realises that his friend loves Sathya and not Divya. But when Prabhu insists he doesn’t consider Sathya as a life partner, Shashi feels it is best to keep it that way. Will Sathya continue to entertain the desire of marrying Prabhu?

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