Yaaradi Nee Mohini: Annamalai Makes Swetha Dance To His Tunes

Vennila (Nakshatra) fractured her leg while trying to save Mutharasan from a bull at the family's ancestral temple.

Annamalai of Yaaradi Nee Mohini

Will Swetha (Chaitra Reddy) continue to follow Guruji’s instructions to succeed in her mission to marry Mutharasan (Shreekumar)? Watch Yaaradi Nee Mohini tonight to know how the story will unfold. For the uninitiated, Vennila (Nakshatra) fractured her leg while trying to save Mutharasan from a bull at the family’s ancestral temple.

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Annamalai (Murali Krish) makes Swetha dance to his tunes after she volunteers to look after Vennila to prevent Mutharsan from spending time with her. The Guruji had asked Swetha not to let Mutharasan spend time with Vennila, so she decides to take care of her. To return Swetha’s ‘favours’, Annamalai makes her do all the household chores and gives her additional tasks. He threatens her indirectly by saying that he would take Mutharasan’s help if she can’t perform the tasks assigned to her.

Out of the fear of losing Mutharasan to Vennila, Swetha agrees to do all the work and takes help from her friends to execute the tasks. Thus she prevents Mutharasan from meeting Vennila. Ruthra, Janani, Goutham, Kartik and Annamail enjoy the sight of Swetha doing all the domestic chores and hope to get more work extracted from her to make her realise Vennila’s worth.

For those who joined in late, Swetha hired an occultist to hypnotise Mutharasan. She wants to marry him by hook or crook and so she stoops low to get her desires fulfilled. Sadly, Mutharasan has no memory of promising marriage to Vennila and talks about getting her married to a suitable boy.

Will Swetha succeed in trapping Mutharasan by getting married to him? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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