Yaaradi Nee Mohini: Annamalai To Stop Swetha From Donating Thaalis To Ten Couples

Annamalai follows Kulanagini's suggestion to ensure people visit in large numbers to bless Mutharasan and Vennila.

Swetha of Yaaradi Nee Mohini

Annamalai hopes Kulanagini’s predictions come true because he doesn’t wish to see Swetha get married to Mutharasan. In today’s episode, Swetha, Mutharasan, Vennila and the entire family visits the temple to conduct the marriage of ten couples by donating thaali and taking care of the other expenses. When people see Mutharasan with Vennila, they bless the couple but Swetha things the blessings are for her.

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Annamalai follows Kulanagini’s suggestion to ensure people visit in large numbers to bless Mutharasan and Vennila. He wishes to defeat Swetha by helping Vennila during the special puja held for conducting the marriage of ten couples. For the unversed, Swetha tried to dupe Mutharasan by making a copy of Chithra’s thaali to escape its curse. She did not want to reveal that she fears wearing Chithra’s thaali, so she gets an identical one made to please him. Swetha wants to prove that she loves Mutharasan more than her life and hence wouldn’t mind wearing Chitra’s cursed thaali.

However, when Annamalai exposes her trick, she comes up with yet another fabricated story to cover up her plan. Now, Swetha is fighting the battle without assistance from the occultist, who hypnotised Mutharasan. For the unversed, Yaaradi Nee Mohini is a supernatural drama that revolves around the lives of Mutharasan, Vennila and Swetha. Mutharasan wishes to get married to Vennila, who loves him unconditionally, but Swetha gets so obsessed with him that she takes the help of an occultist to control his thoughts. Nonetheless, in the end, Vennila’s divine powers save Mutharasan from the blackmagic. But will she stop him from getting married to Swetha? Watch the epsiode to find out!

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