Yaaradi Nee Mohini: The Priest Tells Mutharasan That His Brother-in-Laws Have Doshas

Swetha doesn't want Janani and Goutham's marriage to take place. Hence, she creates hurdles. Read on, to know more about tonight's episode.

Mutharasan of Yaaradi Nee Mohini

In Tuesday’s episode of Yaaradi Nee Moihini, we saw how Swetha and her friends ruined Janani’s puja and hatched a plan to injure Goutham. Today, there will be a new twist to the tale. The priest tells Mutharasan after reading the horoscopes of Janani, Poongodai, Azhagappan and Goutham that his brother-in-laws have doshas. Now, how will this revelation affect Janani and Poongodai, who are already upset after seeing their respective partners wounded.

For the unversed, here’s a quick summary of the last few episodes. Swetha doesn’t want Janani and Goutham’s marriage to take place. Hence, she creates hurdles for them as they do a puja to get rid of the curses ahead of their wedding ceremony. Prior to that, Swetha had tried to kill Vennila by pushing her off the terrace on the day of her engagement. She couldn’t see Vennila happy, and to avenge her, she tried to kill her. But in the end, Swetha got punished by her Karma. She lost her balance and lay suspended in the air from one corner of the wall. Vennila, whom she has tortured the most, saved her by lending her a helping hand.

However, she doesn’t have an iota of gratitude for the person who saved her life. Instead of being thankful to her, she wonders what all she can do to eliminate Vennila from her path. She is so obsessed with Mutharasan that in spite of being warned by her well-wishers, she continues to do things that end up harming her. Interestingly, Swetha has also said that she will kill herself, if she fails to achieve her goal – i.e., to marry Mutharasan.

But now that the priest has said that Goutham has a Dosha, Swetha will be happy for sure. But what will Janani do? How will Mutharasan console her? Keep watching Yaaradi Nee Mohini and for more entertainment, check out Poove Poochoodava, the unusual love story of a married couple, on ZEE5.